The Amavuso Project


The Amavuso Project is a theatre production that presents authentic and diverse perspectives on the ‘blesser’ (sugar daddy) phenomenon as an increasingly accepted popular culture, drawing content from real stories, conversations, opinions and responses to this topic, gathered through a workshop process and from online sources.  It profiles uncomfortable truths around urban safety, women empowerment, gendered power dynamics and the pervasiveness and impact of social media, offering audiences a sense of the interactions between ‘blessers’ and ‘blessees’.

The production was a collaboration by women of South Africa and Zimbabwe, which was successfully screened at two South African festivals, the Urban Arts Festival and the Free State Arts Festival, and in Zimbabwe at the Ibumba Internation Festival. The Amavuso project is a partnership between Sibikwa Arts (South Africa) and the Nhimbe Trust (Zimbabwe). During the production, Debra was the production assistant carrying out various duties that enabled the digital performance to be a success

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