Shadow Pandemics Behind COVID-19 Podcast

Shadow Pandemics behind COVID-19 is a podcast that seeks to raise awareness about child sexual exploitation which has increased during the pandemic. Child sexual exploitation has always been there; however, it has is under reported or undocumented. There is evidence on the ground such as the increase in teenage pregnancies during the pandemic that depicts that there is a lot of child sexual violence happening behind closed doors. Children are neglected and continue to suffer sexual abuse putting them at risk of sexual transmitted infections, early pregnancies and psychological illnesses. Read More

Social Media Marketing

Previously, Debra has worked as a digital marketing executive overseeing multiple client accounts. As an experienced media consultant, Debra conducts digital marketing, creates marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including budget planning and content ideation. She offers particular expertise in designing marketing material, newsletters and social media content. Read More

The Amavuso Project

The Amavuso Project is a theatre production that presents authentic and diverse perspectives on the ‘blesser’ (sugar daddy) phenomenon as an increasingly accepted popular culture, drawing content from real stories, conversations, opinions and responses to this topic, gathered through a workshop process and from online sources.  It profiles uncomfortable truths around urban safety, women empowerment, gendered power dynamics and the pervasiveness and impact of social media, offering audiences a sense of the interactions between ‘blessers’ and ‘blessees’. Read More

Hayibo S’khangele Newsletter

Hayibo S’khangele (We Are Watching) is a newsletter that has been used as an advocacy tool to end corruption in Zimbabwe. It reports corruption taking place in different community in Matabeleland province. At least 5 000 copies are printed monthly and distributed. Read More

Citizen Journalists Training

Debra has trained more than 20 citizen journalists news writing and investigative journalism skills. The citizen journalists serve as watchdogs in their communities to report on the various developments taking place and making sure local authorities are accountable and transparent when carrying out their duties.  Read More

Cultural and Creative Industries COVID-19 Portal

World over, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) have become a vibrant sector. Dure to the pandemic, CCIs have lost income as a result of Covid-19 event cancellations and closures. These disruptions in programming have left many artists and cultural professionals economically and socially unstable. In a bid to reduce the impacts of Covid-19, governments, private and civic organisations around the world are formulating and implementing strategies to support the recovery to the sector in the form of grants, loans or tax exemptions, technical support such as virtual trainings or showcases and alternative platforms to distribute cultural goods and services. Read More

Women Empowerment Circles

As a Millennium Development Goals (MDG) facilitator, Debra conducts women empowerment circles to promote gender equality and women empowerment. These are spaces where women and girls can talk about the challenges they are facing and get assistance. Read More

Lady Rose Reusable Sanitary Pads

Period poverty is a reality affecting a lot of rural women and girls such that they have resorted to using unhygienic alternatives such as soft bark, newspapers, rags, leaves, tissue paper and cow dung, among other materials because they cannot afford sanitary wear. Girls and women in rural areas are faced with a financial challenge which limits their ability to access sanitary wear. Apart from providing them with sanitary wear, there is a need to device programmes that empower them to earn a living such that there can access sanitary wear. Girls and women are taking part in prostitution and becoming victims of sextortion in a bid to raise money to buy sanitary wear which has resulted in teenage pregnancies and early marriages. Read More

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